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Lifelong Learning Begins Early

Start your child's pathway to lifelong learning in an environment that focuses on the growth of the whole child.

Preschool Students Engage in Activities 

  • Faith Development begins with learning and practicing prayers

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills includes writing, coloring, playing

  • Pre-Reading and Readiness Skills includes counting, letter and sound recognition, taking turns, listening, sharing

  • Language Skills includes multimedia learning through books, speakers, field trips, technology, show and tell, and imaginative play


Preschool Childcare

Preschool Childcare provides an enriching environment for our youngest students during school hours. They enjoy indoor/outdoor activities, hot lunches, rest, and snacks.

Childcare is available everyday that school is in session, immediately following class.

For information about enrolling in the ICS Preschool Program, please request more information below and we will be happy to assist.

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