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Scrip Order Form

Shop With Scrip
(Online Ordering)

You may now order scrip online through the “shop with scrip” (now “raiseright”) program.


Here are the rules and guidelines:

1)  You may enter your order anytime online, but your order will not be processed until the program coordinator processes the normal monthly order.  Order dates are published in the Parish bulletin.


2)  You must pay for your order online with the “presto-pay” feature, which directly withdraws payment from your checking account.  “Presto-pay” also charges you a $0.29 processing fee for each order placed online.  (see additional information regarding “presto-pay” below)


3)  To begin, you must first register as a scrip customer.

           a)  Go to

b)  Go to the Member’s Login box on the right side, and click “Not a member?-Click here”.

c)  Follow the registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions of using the site.  To complete the enrollment process, you must enter our organization’s enrollment code, which is:       333823F63669


4)  After enrolling at raiseright, you then need to register for “presto-pay”.  This must be done a few days before you begin ordering, since there is a verification process.


5)  If you have any questions regarding “raiseright” or “presto-pay”, please email any concerns to:


Presto-pay information

All payments by you are made from your checking account through an auto withdrawal.


If your checkbook has insufficient funds, but your order has not yet been processed, “presto-pay” will cancel your order and send you an email.


If your checkbook has insufficient funds, and your order has already been processed, “presto-pay” will email you.  Immaculate Conception Church (ICC) will be charged $30 for a NSF fee.  You must reimburse ICC for the amount of your order and the $30 NSF fee or we will not release your order of gift cards to you and you will not be able to order scrip again from ICC until you pay the NSF fee.


If you bounce two checks, “presto-pay” privileges will be revoked and your family will not be able to order online.

What is Scrip

Why should I buy Scrip?

What exactly do I get when I purchase Scrip?

How much do I have to buy?
Is there a Minimum Order?

How do I use Scrip?

Will I get change back?

What if I do not have enough Scrip to pay for my purchases?

My place of employment gives us a discount at certain stores; can I use Scrip and still get my discount?

Do I get senior citizens or AAA discount too?

Can I use as much Scrip as I want for one purchase?

Can I pay the store's charge card balance off with Scrip?

Does Scrip expire?

Can I use Scrip for online purchases?

How do I purchase Scrip?

When do I "receive" the profit from my script purchases?

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