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Elementary and Middle School

  • Small class sizes that emphasize hands-on learning

  • Meaningful religious instruction

  • Access to technology that enhances learning


Immaculate Conception School guides all of our students to become Disciples of Christ.

Academic Excellence Begins
in Elementary School

Our elementary students receive high academic instruction based on the State of Ohio Standards and enriched with Diocesan religious indicators.

Students have many opportunities to explore a variety of activities and learning styles:

Elementary School Opportunities:

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Mass Choir (grade 3)

  • Altar Servers (grade 4)

  • Chromebook Program (grades 1-4)

  • Family Groups

  • Student Council


Tradition of Excellence Continues in Middle School

The ICS tradition of excellence continues with middle school, where small classes and both leadership and service opportunities prepare our students for success in high school.

Middle School Opportunities:

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Music

  • Band

  • Algebra 

  • Family Groups

  • Student Council

  • Altar Servers

  • Chromebook Program

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